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Concrete Flooring for Your Brewery, Winery or Distillery

Portland Maine was just recently noted to have the most breweries per capita of any city in the country! Home Breweries, Micro-Breweries, Distilleries, Mead and Wineries are on the rise and ever growing in popularity all throughout Maine and New England.  One of the challenges these locations come upon when choosing their flooring, is the desire to stand out while keeping up with the high restrictions put on the food and beverage industry.

The ability to produce flooring that is functional and inviting at the same time is where our specialists thrive.  We can provide you with concrete flooring options that address many of your design and quality assurance needs.  Not only can concrete be low maintenance, easy to clean, highly durable products, they can also lead to a clean and modern atmosphere perfect for sitting back and enjoying your highly crafted beverages.

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Breweries, Wineries + Distilleries

Brew Rooms must be easily maintained, the floors have to be pitched for constant drainage, thermal shock resistance, slip resistant, and chemical resistant.  The Tasting Rooms also need to be slip and stain resistant, antimicrobial but also has to match your brand and achieve your desired ambiance.  Production areas, bottling, filling and fermenting areas need to be contamination free as well as stain resistant and easily mopped and drained.

Your brewery, distillery and winery not only have to be up to sanitary codes, but also have to be warm and inviting to the general public for tastings and tours. Don’t forget about the aesthetics. You may have an industrial building, but we can make sure we utilize finishes and toppings to match your desired look, feel and brand presence. The opportunities are endless with concrete when fulfilling your industries needs.

Call our team and find out what the best concrete finish is best for your desired outcome. We will assess your new tasting room or refinery and make suggestions for form and longevity. Modern designs, colors, metallics, textures, patterns, and logos are just a few options to make your brand be best represented in your flooring.


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Need Help Finding The Right Concrete Application For Your Project?

Get in touch with one of our concrete pros today

Need Help Finding The Right Concrete Application For Your Project?

Get in touch with one of our concrete pros today

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