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At Capozza Concrete Services, our Project Managers understand that Manufacturing Plants and Facilities require flooring that is High Performing.  Heavy equipment and loads, forklifts, delivery trucks are just a few of the everyday wear and tear that most other industries never have to envision, but you do.  Concrete finished floors can withstand incredibly high impact on a regular basis making them the perfect match for your facility. Concrete is also resistant to harsh chemicals and alkalis, protecting the structural integrity of your facility.

Processing plants, packaging, textiles, printing, furniture, technology, whatever you create at your manufacturing facility we recognize it comes with its own regulations, safety protocols and tolerance considerations and factor those in when choosing your flooring.  You can trust that with our combined experience of over 130+ years, we have you covered.  Our project managers partner with you.  We will visit you onsite and assess your specific project in person.  We will propose the appropriate flooring for your industry, budget, and desired aesthetics. We understand that time is money.  Concrete options are fast curing leaving minimal downtime, getting your company back to 100% productivity quickly.

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Now that you know concrete finished floors can withstand everything your manufacturing industry can throw at it, we also want to remind you that your brand is also important to us.  Concrete epoxy floors can mimic any variety of color combinations you can dream of.  No matter what your logo or color way is, we will represent it in your flooring.  Manufacturing plants are not what they used to be.  The old image of a dark and dingy building is a far thing of the past.  Most plants are state of the art facilities that attract the youngest and brightest minds entering the field.  The finishes we create compliment your culture at every turn.  Give us a call now, let us be the perfect partner in your manufacturing facilities flooring needs.

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Need Help Finding The Right Concrete Application For Your Project?

Get in touch with one of our concrete pros today

Need Help Finding The Right Concrete Application For Your Project?

Get in touch with one of our concrete pros today

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