Do you currently have dry, cracked, discolored or stained concrete?

Do you currently have dry, cracked, discolored or stained concrete, or a concrete slab with any surface imperfection? Concrete is a living, breathing organism with a mind of its own hence there are a number of reasons why your concrete has had issues over time. Spalling, consistent abrasion, corrosion, chemical spills, acids, salts, structural movements within the slab, random cracking, control joint damage to name a few. But don’t fret because we have the fix for you, so don’t jump to a complete tear out and start over. Replacing concrete can be very costly especially on a larger project, so consider talking to our highly trained technicians to repair your problematic surface and extend the life of your concrete.



Concrete resurfacing and repair is not only a cost effective choice to prolong the integrity of your concrete, but also an eco-friendly option that allows you to save your surface rather than replace it. By combining patching or leveling with a cementitious topping or epoxy mortar, our skilled craftsman can provide you a with a cost inhibiting concrete repair. Once the resurfacing and repair is complete, you can even choose to update the overall look with either epoxy or decorative finishes.

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If your home or business has an unsightly concrete surface, give us a call and we will come to your site to determine what has happened and the best way to proceed. At Capozza Concrete Services we want to be your leading industry partner. Homeowners, General Contractors and Architects can rely on our team to provide you with practical knowledge and experience in selecting a repair which will be cost effective and long lasting.

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