I entered the Construction and Flooring industry during my breaks in college to help make ends meet.  Upon graduation I was offered a full time position as a driver of a ready mix truck, delivering blocks to local stores and residential customer. Driving and delivery was but a stepping stone for me as I knew I wanted something more.  I quickly was promoted to sales manager, and managed the ready mix division in Canada and Madawaska (USA) .

In 1982 I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience. For the next five years I worked my way up the ladder at Gagne & Sons managing sales at the Belgrade and Orono locations. Here I was introduced to project estimating and purchasing for the commercial division. Desiring more growth I furthered my training by taking a new position with Jay Kay Sales in Topsham, Maine. Here I concentrated on promoting concrete forms, and cement repair products. This is where my path crossed with Damaged Masonry Technicians, aka DMT, Inc.

In 1991 after forging a great relationship with the team at DMT I was given the opportunity to advance myself and become a part owner of their concrete and masonry repair business. For almost ten years we ran the company as a three man management team. I honed my own craft in the business learning everything there is to do with concrete.  In 2000 Mike Fazekas and I bought out the third partner allowing us to transition into a stronger more defined company. We focused our craft on epoxy flooring in the paper mills and other commercial entities, as well as repointing historic buildings throughout the state. At our largest the company grew to 25 employees and although projects were abundant, something was missing. We discovered that excellence in the quality of craftsmanship was what we strived to achieve, and quantity could never out win that.  The crew was downsized to 10 people including the office manager in order to concentrate and drive our reputation in the industry as producers of high quality installations. This is where we succeeded.  Business was strong, we were consistently being looked towards as a company of knowledge and integrity. Fast forward to 2015, we joint ventured with Capozza Tile and Floor Covering Center’s Commercial Department on several self leveling projects. We quickly discovered we had mutual interests and parallel business plans and aspirations. Our mission, goals and commitment to excellence was completely aligned in our partnership and it became evident we could only grow stronger combined.

Capozza Concrete Services was established in June of 2016. Mike and I are still at the helm, now joined by Joe Capozza III.  We have worked hard over the past year to seamlessly transition into a unified team.  We work alongside primarily the Commercial Department at Capozza offering epoxy and decorative finishes, mitigation, concrete resurfacing and repair and other services surrounding concrete flooring. I am proud of what our company has become, and ignited by what the future holds as part of the Capozza Team.

Outside of the flooring industry I am proud to have a full life. I have been married (to the same astonishing woman) for 38 years. We have raised one amazing daughter together, and they have stuck by me in this crazy flooring world. If you do not find me on the golf course during the summer months, I will be on a Racquetball court our working in my yard.


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